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How to Write Inspirational Rap Quotes

Inspirational rap lyrics are a dime a dozen, but what about inspirational rap quotes. You can find quotes on just about any subject and some are so inspirational that even non-rap fans can relate to them. Yet, as entertaining as rap is, most of the time, it’s not about the music, but the message. In an era of hip hop, rap isn’t just a song anymore, but a movement.

If you want to write something that will really inspire you, you have to think about it well in advance. Sometimes, the best line in the world won’t come out right the first time. There are plenty of best rap quotes ideas floating around, but sometimes it can be difficult to find the perfect words to end that one line, or to inspire a verse for a song.

Find Motivation

Most people dream of becoming a rapper, and some of them even pursue that dream to the point of quitting their job, going on a spending spree and getting booked in a studio to record a record. You can count many reasons for new rappers failing in the beginning. However, only a few actually make it. The ones who do succeed in this industry are the ones who spent hours upon hours on practicing their craft, read hundreds of books on the subject and find a way to make their raps stand out from the rest.

It’s hard to believe that writing motivational rap lyrics is a full-time job. So, how do you maintain motivation while you’re not rapping? The hard part is finding motivation to write, since although I’m a full-time professional writer, I don’t write articles every day. Sometimes I’ll write a few pages of new rap lyrics, sometimes I’ll sit down with a notebook and pen.

Read Inspiring Material

You are bound to be inspired by some of the most inspirational quotes, and you can use them in your rap lyrics. While you may not have the time to actually write these lyrics, you can still use them to inspire you to write more about you. It’s possible that you’ll use a line in your rap for a rhyme or some other reason, but that’s okay. So, use inspirational quotes in your rap lyrics.

When you can do all of these things, and get your rhymes recorded correctly, then it’s time to sit down and write your rap lyrics. Writing rap lyrics is a difficult task that a lot of people underestimate. You have to be able to write rhymes, and have the correct flow and rhyme scheme. This way one can rap faster in very short time. You write rhymes on paper, and then you have to transfer them to a computer, and then you have to record them correctly and get them recorded correctly.


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