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Why Are Some Settings Changing Themselves in Smartphone

Smartphones are cutting-edge devices, incorporating a wide range of chipsets, drives, and features. One of these features is the ability of the phone to update itself. Because of the sophistication of the smartphone’s operating system, sometimes there are updates that are to be performed, such as upgrading apps, installing new apps, or even a system update. There are other times when the phone does updates on its own, such as when the phone is sleeping.

Smartphone users have been complaining for a while that certain settings in their device are changing themselves without any reason or motive. Here are some examples of settings where some users have reported that these settings have been randomly changing. Some of the most obscure settings to capture screenshot on Samsung Galaxy A51 smartphone can be found in the phone’s Settings app. Some of these settings are designed to make your phone easier to use and manage, while others are designed to make your phone more secure or more efficient.

How to Fix It Manually

Due to the nature of Android, there are many settings that are non-standard with the platform, and often, these settings are hardcoded into smartphones. This means that even if you want to change the default setting for an app, there may not be an option to do so but we can read guide in this article. There are a few ways to deal with this, but the most reliable is to use a third-party app that lets you modify settings.

I noticed some settings in my phone were changing themselves. For example, I noticed that the Power saving mode was turned off, which is a feature I frequently used to extend my battery life while in flight. But when I tried to turn the feature on, it would do so immediately. More strange things started to happen, such as the battery percentage not updating when it was charging. As of right now, I can’t find the settings that are causing these problems.

Factory Reset

There’s no doubt that smartphones and tablets are the most popular among the Internet of Things (IoT) devices. And the good news is that there are apps must have in your mobile are freely available that can improve our life by providing us with even more features. Any smartphone owner will have experienced a factory reset by now. Well, what does it do? In a nutshell, it wipes all the settings, apps, and even the data; what’s more, the phone is usually formatted, which means you’ll have to re-download all your apps, media and contacts, and recalibrate all the settings.

It’s just a stopgap measure that allows you to get your phone working again quickly and efficiently. However, the process is not as safe as it should be. Sometimes, it can lead to several different issues, including incorrect data or apps, broken settings, or even worse, a completely bricked phone.


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